My husband is a true servant leader. Back in 2008, he decided to take his busy and successful career as a downtown Austin, “tall-building” tax attorney, in a different direction. He sensed something was missing in his life and wanted to make a change. So, he left a fantastic job with a national law firm to open his own law firm, right down the street from his middle school, in his hometown of Round Rock. This was a financial risk for our family, but he did it in order to follow a very clear call from God to use his talents and education to serve his community. God has blessed his obedience. Our law practice has grown and we are thankful to serve many Williamson County businesses and their owners. I am incredibly thankful that our children have grown up seeing their dad at every sports game and music recital because of his flexible schedule. This arrangement finally allowed Frank to begin serving his community in roles which utilize his wisdom, discernment, education, and legal training.

It was the right thing to do and Frank did it.

As a tax attorney, Frank is a numbers man. Local nonprofit boards such as the CHASCO YMCA, Family Eldercare, the Greater Round Rock Community Foundation, Round Rock Police Foundation, Baylor Scott & White, and many others have benefitted from his financial acumen. In fact, as treasurer of the Williamson County YMCA, Frank executed a sophisticated debt swap which resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for that organization. And he did this because he had the knowledge to do it and the willingness to serve.

It was the right thing to do and Frank did it.

This is what Frank is willing to offer to Williamson County as our next County Judge. As you know, the County Judge isn’t a courtroom position. It is the chief executive — the business and economic development leader of our county. The role requires substantial business and finance experience, a willingness to work with our regional partners in all levels of government to wisely manage rapid growth, knowledge of and willingness to work with the private sector in order to bring well-paying jobs and infrastructure to Williamson County, and the wisdom, discernment, and vast business experience to apply to the management of the county’s business.

As a true servant leader, Frank is somewhat camera shy. He is humble. You won’t see him at every public event. He won’t take sole credit for his accomplishments. He prefers flying under the radar, quietly getting the job done, and giving his team the credit. He’s a very intelligent, serious man — a thinker — with exactly the type of temperament we need to lead one of the fastest growing counties in our nation. There is a reason why so many regional leaders in business and government, including nearly all current and former county commissioners and former sheriff, have publicly endorsed Frank and respect his judgement. He is the only candidate on the ballot who is qualified to actually do the job of County Judge.

Running a countywide campaign is overwhelming. It is a true sacrifice for our entire family. We have given up precious family time, sacrificed time away from our business, and asked much of our extended family and friends. But this is the right thing to do because Frank is the right man for the job. He is willing to serve our county well and continue making sacrifices to serve if elected. I am so very proud of his willingness to serve. But we simply cannot do this without your help.


If you would like to “hire” Frank to run our county in a fiscally conservative way in order to keep our taxes low, we need your help. Will you consider giving your endorsement? Your time? Your treasure?

If we all work together to elect Frank, our beloved county will prosper. And you will be proud knowing we elected a statesman with the wisdom, discernment, ethics, and business experience to do the job.

It is the right thing to do. And Frank can do it.

You can contribute now and make a secure online contribution or mail a check to Frank Leffingwell Campaign, 211 W. Bagdad, Round Rock, Texas 78664.

Want to join the team? We need you.

  • Host a Meet & Greet in your home or place of business. Keep it simple. Invite friends and neighbors. I just know they will love Frank!
  • Volunteer to block walk in your neighborhood or call voters.
  • Volunteer for a half day at the polls Feb 20-March 2 or March 6.
  • Share campaign posts on Facebook or Twitter and tell your friends you support Frank!
  • Write a letter to the editor of your favorite newspaper.

After 22 years of marriage to Frank, I am still proud to be Mrs. Bethany Leffingwell. I am thankful that he models servant leadership to our children every single day.

Thank you for supporting Frank!

Bethany Leffingwell

P.S. We have a number of Meet & Greets scheduled all over Williamson County. If you are interested in attending one to meet Frank, please click here and let me know.

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