Dell Technologies threw its support behind Frank Leffingwell this week in his bid to win the Republican nomination for judge of the Williamson County Commissioners Court.

In so doing, Dell stirred the waters of a campaign swelling with Leffingwell’s criticism of his opponent Bill Gravell.

A recent email invitation to “regional business leaders” from Dell’s political action committee to a Wednesday fundraising event honoring Mr. Leffingwell included a link to a video in which Mr. Gravell of Jarrell denounces Dell.

“[Dell’s] only goal is to strive to make money for their CEOs and investors and they don’t care about the people they serve,” Justice of the Peace Gravell said in the video. “One of the most capitalistic companies without conscientiousness for its employees is Dell Corporation. I have met hundreds of Dell employees who are chewed up and spit out. [Dell] will expend their employees for whatever the sake of profit is.”

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