Transparency and Inclusivity

Frank believes that complete transparency is the backbone of good government. Public approval of our governmental institutions is at an all-time low, and the best way to remedy that situation is to ensure citizens are made full partners in the process of governing the county. Our elected leaders must be transparent, candid, and inclusive and not sugar-coat the challenges that we face. They must also provide practical solutions to those challenges, not the same old soundbites and rhetoric that don’t produce meaningful change.

Transportation and Traffic Solutions

One of the most important aspects of everyday life in Williamson County is transportation. Transportation issues are always going to be an important part of the discussion when it comes to county government, but this is especially true in Williamson County, as our rapid population growth has increased our infrastructure needs considerably. As a member of the Transportation Committee of the Austin Area Research Organization (AARO), Frank already has a seat at the table when it comes to planning for our transportation needs and he will continue fighting for a comprehensive roadway system as county judge. Ensuring that the citizens of Williamson County can travel efficiently and safely from one part of the county to another is an essential service that every resident should demand and expect regardless of what part of the county they live in.

Law Enforcement and First Responders

From an early age, Frank understood that our community is best served when the streets are safe and when citizens get the help they need – when they need it. Frank’s grandfather, Lloyd Leffingwell, was both a City of Austin firefighter and a deputy sheriff for Travis County. His service and stories made a significant impact on young Frank. As a young lawyer, Frank served as a volunteer Assistant Municipal Judge for the City of Round Rock in order to convey his support for the city’s law enforcement. His commitment to first responders led him to help form the Round Rock Police Foundation, which fosters an alliance between the police department and the community through initiatives and programs that have been developed as crime-prevention strategies. Representing Round Rock on CAPCOG, Frank focused on public safety and played a role in bringing text-to-911 capabilities to our region. As a city councilman, he has a strong record of supporting first responders. As our next county judge, Frank will work to reduce response times, invest in the best equipment, training and technology available, and ensure that public safety is at the top of the county’s priority list.

Economic Development and Tax Relief

Frank believes that economic development is the key to reducing the tax burden on property owners in Williamson County, and he has been an outspoken proponent of eliminating certain taxes, such as the state franchise tax which unfairly burdens small businesses and reduces Texas’ appeal as a place to relocate or to start a business. As the Chair of the Capital Area Economic Development District (CAEDD) and a member of the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Advisory Committee, Frank has been fighting for years for a business-friendly environment in Central Texas in order to keep bringing quality jobs to Williamson County. As county judge, he will continue working to expand our tax base to give hard-working families the real tax relief they deserve.