December 1, 2017

ROUND ROCK, TX – After just under two months of campaigning for Williamson County Judge, Republican attorney and businessman Frank Leffingwell announced today that he has surpassed the $100,000 mark in total fundraising and has compiled a list of community leaders and grassroots supporters topping 2000. Leffingwell, who serves as the General Counsel to the Williamson County Republican Party, said he believes the outpouring of support is a validation of his view that we need more business leaders, and fewer insiders and professional politicians in public office.

“Since Day 1, this campaign has been about ensuring that the people of Williamson County have a real choice when it comes to selecting their new county judge,” Leffingwell said. “It’s gratifying to have such strong support from grassroots conservatives and from the business community, and it’s vital that we continue building on this momentum into the New Year. The ongoing economic success of Williamson County, and our entire region, depends upon it. I’m proud of my track record in the private sector, and I’m ready to take that experience to the courthouse so that we can begin taking a conservative, business-centered approach to our county government.”

Leffingwell’s announcement comes as Justice of the Peace Bill Gravell prepares to end his months-long shadow campaign for county judge and officially announce his candidacy on Saturday afternoon at the courthouse. Through surrogates and cleverly-worded statements, Gravell has circumvented Article 16, Section 65 of the Texas Constitution which provides that most officeholders, including Justices of the Peace, automatically resign their elected positions when they announce they are running for another office more than thirteen months before the end of their current term in office. In order to continue taking his taxpayer-funded salary while campaigning for county judge, Gravell has gamed the system by simply leaving out key words and phrases that would have triggered his resignation.

“After months of cat-and-mouse games, Bill Gravell will finally announce that he is officially running for county judge,” Leffingwell continued. “Taxpayers have been paying his salary of $85,388.69 and effectively subsidizing his campaign for county judge while he has been spending time campaigning for a new office instead of serving the people of Williamson County. The resign-to-run law itself and the applicable legislative history make clear that the law was enacted to protect against the very sort of behavior that Gravell has engaged in for the last several months. This is the behavior of an ambitious professional politician and should be seen as a preview of how Gravell would run Williamson County if he were elected as County Judge. Williamson County needs a County Judge who will be focused on the needs of Williamson County and not someone who is preoccupied with the next step in his professional political career.”

“With public confidence in elected leaders at such a low level, we need leaders at every level of government who regard elected office as public service and not as a career and who adhere not only the letter of the law but also the spirit and intent of the law. Williamson County cannot afford to elect someone who would show such disregard for the law and for the people who pay his salary. The people of Williamson County deserve better than to be represented by a professional politician who merely seeks to advance his political career on the taxpayer’s dime.”

A Round Rock native, Leffingwell has run a successful law practice since 2008, focusing on business law, tax law, and estate planning.  He is a Sustaining Life Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation (an organization which invites the top 1/3 of 1% of all Texas attorneys as members), and has the highest possible rating (AV) from Martindale-Hubbell.  In 2013, his law firm was named the “Small Business of the Year” by the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce.  He has also been heavily involved with the Round Rock Police Foundation, CHASCO YMCA, Family Eldercare, the Round Rock Rotary Club, the Greater Williamson County YMCA, Seton Williamson Foundation, St. David’s Rock Round Medical Center, Round Rock/Austin Baylor Scott & White, and the Greater Round Rock Community Foundation.

Below is a partial list of the community leaders and grassroots activists supporting Frank Leffingwell’s campaign to be the next Williamson County Judge.  To find out more about Frank or add your name to the list, please visit

Gretchen & Georgetown ISD Trustee Scott Alarcon
Christy & Mitch Altman
Avery Ambrose
Tara Ambrose
Janis Carter Arnett
Beth & Charles Avery
Judy & John Avery
Micki & Dr. Nelson Avery
Kim & Round Rock City Councilman Writ Baese
Natasha & Round Rock Planning & Zoning Commissioner Matt Baker
Beverly & Sam Bakir
Kamali Barron
James Barton
Denise & Roy Beard
Lori & Jason Becker
Carla & Former Williamson County Justice of the Peace Steve Benton
Former Williamson County Commissioner Lisa & Rick Birkman
Ashley Blake
Matthew Blake
Monti & Jim Boles
Konrad Bouffard
Lindsey & Will Boyd
Linda & Jerry Bradley
Former Georgetown City Councilman Ercel Brashear
Vicki & David Brevell
Sandra & David Brougher
Curtiss Brown
Round Rock Planning & Zoning Commissioner Stacie & Rex Bryan
Carlie & Tom Burdett
Michael Burleson
Paul Bury
Lucy & Ed Carey
Carol Chafin
Mary & Rick Clark
Haley & Luke Cochran
Holly & Former Round Rock City Councilman Gary Coe
Lisa & James Copeland
Patsy & Buddy Crossley
Tim Crowley
Kathy & Former Round Rock Mayor Charlie Culpepper
State Representative John Cyrier
State Representative Tony Dale
SREC Committeewoman for Senate District 5 Nita & Don Davidson
Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty
Sandy & Vince Deli
Melissa & Mark Dietz
Michelle Dippel
Sandy Dochen
Keith Donahoe
David Doran
Courtney & Former Round Rock Planning & Zoning Commissioner Mike Doss
Georgetown City Councilwoman Anna Eby
Shayne Eddleman
Jim Embree
Joe England
Bob Eskridge
Gary Farmer
Howard Faske, CPA
Christina & Doug Fell
Suzanne & Dr. Trip Fell
Tom Forbes
Starr & Upper Brushy Creek WCID Director Mike Freeman
Joyce & Mark Fritz
Rudy Garza
Shana & Former State Representative Dan M. Gattis
Denise & Ken Gray
Pat & Mitch Gunter
John Gustainis
Marcia & Keith Hagler
Jeff Hahn
Greg Hall
Angie & Tim Harris
Kristi & Butch Haskins
Tammy & Former Williamson County Commissioner David Hays
Lisa & Former Williamson County Commissioner Mike Heiligenstein
Round Rock Planning & Zoning Commissioner Jen & Clint Henderson
Ruthie & Bob Herber
Amanda & Williamson County Treasurer Scott Heselmeyer
Louise & Big Boy Hester
Carol & Steve Hickerson
GOP Pct. Chair 379 Gwen Hodges
Sean Holcomb, CPA
John K Holman
Margaret & Former Round Rock City Councilman Rufus Honeycutt
Sue Hoover
Bobby Jenkins
Linda & GOP Pct. Chair 201 Jon Jewett
Tara & Andrew Jones
Poppy & Brent Jones
Paul Jordan
James Kessinger
Preston Kessinger
Leah & Charles King
Lanette & John Kinnaird
Whitney & Erik Kinservik
Steven Knebel, CPA
Tara & Scot Knight
Joanne & James Land
Fay & Jay Latham
Tina & CT Lee
Lee Leffingwell
Margaret Leffingwell
Celeste Lesmeister & Brian Blaylock
Judy & Former Williamson County Commissioner Frankie Limmer
Williamson County Commissioner Cynthia & Donn Long
Perry Lorenz
Lisa Lykes
Nancy & Williamson County Commissioner Larry Madsen
Jill & Paul Marshall
Nancy & Former Round Rock Mayor Nyle Maxwell
Kathy & Brian Mead
Diep & Jonas McBride
Patti & Dr. Paul McCartney
Amanda & Lee McIntosh
Cathy & Scott McLeod
Former Round Rock ISD Trustee Judy & Dr. Wade McLeod
Deanna & Carl Miller
Lavon & Former CTRMA Vice Chairman Jim Mills
Patti & Dr. Paul McCartney
Krici Mohr
Vicki & Rod Morgan
Glenda Morrison, wife of late Williamson County Commissioner Ron Morrison
Whitney & Round Rock ISD Trustee Mason Moses
Mike Moya
Lori & Felix Munson
Leander City Councilwoman Andrea Navarrette
Kristen & John Nelson
Catherine & Todd Nickle
Former Round Rock City Councilwoman Tish Oatman
Bill Otto
Round Rock Planning & Zoning Commission Chairman David Pavliska
Nikki & Round Rock City Councilman Will Peckham
Georgetown Planning & Zoning Commissioner Travis Perthuis
Brian Pitman
Lisa Putney
Colleen & Darren Quick
Jeanie & Don Quick
Pam & Round Rock Planning & Zoning Commissioner Greg Rabaey
Cary Rabb
Nancy Rabb
Tom Ramsey
Lisa & Mark Richardson
Debbie Rippstein
Dr. Tim Robins
Sandra & Former Round Rock Mayor Mike Robinson
Selicia Sanchez
Charley Scarborough
Shanna & Ross Schneider
Lori Scott
Bonnie Sells
Bailey Sharp
Bobbie & Steve Sheets
Elizabeth & Mike Sheffield, Austin Police Department
Ted Siff
Becky & Jon Sloan
Heather & Bryant Smith
Beth & Peyton Smith
Shonnie & Steve Stapp
Mary & Dr. Chris Stewart
Jim Stuewe
Jennifer & Scott Swindell
Emily & Ryan Therrell
Tim Timmerman
Nancy & Cedar Park City Councilman Stephen Thomas
Belen & Brad Thorne
Tai Tran
Alex Tynberg
Stephanie & Cedar Park City Councilman Corbin Van Arsdale
Tammy & Brad Van Houten, CPA
Rick Villarreal
Karla & Joe Vining
Shevawn & Dr. Jack Walzel
Kristine Warren
Becky & Randy Washington
Lora & Jay Webber
Kellie & Round Rock Planning & Zoning Commissioner Rob Wendt
Lorrie Westberry
Sally & Former Round Rock City Councilman George White
Leslie & Upper Brushy Creek WCID Director Jeremiah Williams
Ray Wilkerson, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) Chairman
Former Williamson County Sheriff James Wilson
Pete Winstead
Adair & David Wolf
Carla Ferreri Worsham
 Linda Zamarripa
Ricardo Zamarripa
*partial list



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